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Conflict Free Diamonds


At Kitsinian Jewelers, we are proud to say our diamonds originate from a conflict free source. We can confidently stand behind this promise to you, not only because we are involved in the entire diamond manufacturing process; from the mine, to the cutting and polishing, to delivering the stone to the customer, but also because of an industry wide practice called The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

The Kimberley Process is an international system established in 2003 to monitor the trade of rough diamonds. Spearheaded by the United Nations, this process ensures money generated from diamond trading and manufacturing does not finance unethical working environments, war, and anti-government or rebellious movements.

The Kimberley Process restricts diamond importing and exporting to member countries. All diamond shipments crossing international borders are sent in a tamper resistant container with a government validated Kimberley Process Certificate. All certificates are resistant to forgery and numbered uniquely to match each shipment.

Every diamond cutter and distributor we work with must agree to the Kitsinian Jewelers Supplier Code of Conduct, which applies to all products we carry.

This code of conduct covers the elements involved in an ethical supply chain that we view as non‐negotiable. We do not work with any supplier who can not comply with these standards. Our code of conduct requirements are:

- Do not use child labor in the mining of gemstones
- Adequately pay all individuals involved in the supply chain
- Ensure that all materials come from legitimate sources

Ultimately, The Kimberley Process prevents "blood diamonds" from entering the mainstream diamond markets and protects the consumer from purchasing an unethical diamond.

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