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December 17, 2022

No one does gold jewelry like the Italians. And miraculously, here in the 21st century when innumerable sources have tried to replace them with substandard imitations, Italy remains the gold standard in gold jewelry. Kitsinian Jewelers celebrates this with our Veneto Collection, affordable virtuosity direct to you.
“Direct”? Yes. The Kitsinians have embraced more than 20, family-owned jewelry creation houses in Italy since family patriarch Sarkis Kitsinian befriended them in the 1970s. When multiple times a year son Arch Kitsinian visits to enhance the Veneto Collection, he’s greeted like family. And like any business, warm associations mean everything. The best these highly-skilled houses have to offer always goes to the most familiar, the most loyal, consistent customers. In this, the Kitsinians stand at the front of the line.
These family workshops are home to artisans proudly exercising skills passed down for generations, and they cluster in a Northern Italian region known as the Golden Triangle, bordered by Vicenza, Arrezo and Valenza. It is here that centuries of tradition join with legendary Italian design sensibilities to produce the gasps and praise you’ll hear when friends spot your Veneto Collection gold that never goes out of style.
Don’t take this lightly. You’re wearing what is art by any definition. Think of Kitsinian Jewelers as essentially your gallery, funneling the one-of-a-kind result of an artist’s skills and imagination directly to you.
Imagination that, by the way, is the product of thousands of years of brilliant innovation. Who, for a century and more has designed the sexiest automobiles? The most celebrated clothing? Many of the world’s immortal buildings? All of this magnificent tradition adorns a stunning you when you present to the world wearing Kitsinian’s Veneto Collection.



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