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Heart Shaped Jewelry - Kitsinian Jewelers

June 11, 2019

Santa Clarita, California

Heart Jewelry is the most widely featured motif of all spring 2019 and heart shaped jewelry makes an impression like no other. From sweet stud earrings, to small necklace charms; hearts are super popular!

Our Kitsinian favorites, though? All the pendant necklaces with hearts, which provide a prominent perch for maximum viewing pleasure for others.

While the heart jewels shown below are innovative, super cute, and wearable, many folks have a love-hate relationship with the heart. It's been abused in some inexpensive poorly crafted jewelry designs in the marketplace thus poisoning the minds of many who think it's only for kitsch. But with fresh eyes upon the heart, it can recover and gain ground as a covetable silhouette. Below are just a few unique Kitsinian designs incorporated with hearts which are of extraordinary quality. 

Heart shaped jewelry can symbolize your life together, so choose with your heart!



Heart shaped ruby and diamond ring


Precious gold heart shaped necklace

Adjustable diamond heart bracelet


Heart shaped garnet necklace

Diamond pave heart necklace


Diamond heart lock and key necklace


Silver heart shaped cherub medal
Heart shaped angel locket in sterling silver



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