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Fred Meyer Jewelers Names S.A. Kitsinian 2002 Gold Vendor of the Year

January 30, 2019

Pictured at the awards ceremony are: (back row, from left) Jewelry Merchandising Vice President Cheryl Zander, President and CEO Edward Dayoob and Buyer Marcia Elliott, all of Fred Meyer Jewelers; and (front row, from left) General Manager Arch Kitsinian, Vice President Suzan Kitsinian and Owner/Chairman Sarkis Kitsinian, all of S.A. Kitsinian


Fred Meyer Jewelers Names S.A. Kitsinian 2002 Gold Vendor of the Year


Portland, OR. - Fred Meyer Jewelers, a 442-unit discount chain based here, named wholesaler and manufacturer S.A. Kitsinian Inc. its 2002 gold vendor of the year, honoring the family-run company at a ceremony held on Feb. 28. “We chose them based on results and what they do for us in terms of service and customer follow-up, merchandise delivery, product mix, pricing and ability to come in with fresh product,” said Fred Meyer President and CEO Edward Dayoob. “They were head and shoulders above everybody (last) year. They serve our customers needs very well.” One example of service that stands out, Dayoob said, happened the week before Christmas 2002. Just days before the holiday, Fred Meyer sold out of S.A. Kitsinian pieces it had promoted in a widely distributed ad. “We thought we were in deep trouble, but in a day or two they delivered more product,” he recalled. “They were able to respond on such a timely basis at the most crucial time of the year.” Based in Van Nuys, California, S.A. Kitsinian provided Fred Meyer with 38,000 pieces of jewelry last year and has worked with the retailer since 1999.    - Barbara Green


Reprinted with permission from National Jeweler, June 1, 2003



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