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Veneto Italian Gold Jewelry - Kitsinian Jewelers

March 28, 2019

The Veneto Italian Gold collection is more than just jewelry. It is artwork and extraordinary craftsmanship made in Italy. Italian gold is the core reason behind the Veneto collection brand when Arch Kitsinian was introduced at an early age by his travels to Italy by his parents who were already recognized leaders and importers of Italian made jewelry from what the local Italians refer to as the golden triangle.

Therefore Arch continued in family tradition and was inspired by the culture and already knew the region, he  had something special that Kitsinian needed to continue in bringing home.

In fact he traveled frequently to Italy and eventually studied the language in Perugia, Italy in order to maintain better relationships with factories. 

Nearly four decades later, the Veneto gold collection exclusive to Kitsinian brings together more than 20 small family owned factories in Italy that we work directly with; artist's and craftsmen that bring hundreds of years of art and craftsmanship to Kitsinian Jewelers. 

Artistry dates back centuries in the Italian culture. There is amazing Roman and Venetian architecture, there is stylish Italian clothes, and there is extraordinary Italian gold jewelry. "It is simply the best quality found in the world.  Other countries try to imitate what Italian craftsman have to offer, but the knowledge from Italy has been passed down generation to generation in family-run workshops, and it’s simply unmatched.”

The Kitsinian family travels back to Italy several times a year to source and partner directly with some of the most skilled craftsmen and women in the world. It’s allowed Kitsinian Jewelers to offer jewelry in smaller exclusive quantities, instead of mass produced larger quantities that are regularly found in the marketplace from other origins.The golden triangle in Italy is a region at the top of the Italian boot, starting in the North with the city of Vicenza located in the Veneto region  down south in the city of Arezzo known as the heart of gold producing city in Tuscany, and over to artsy Valenza in the northwest. It is an area that is prolific in artistry for nearly half a century.

Roughly 80% of the jewelry made in Italy comes from this region, and more than 1/2 of the gold jewelry in Europe comes from there. Vicenza and Valenza have a history of silver and goldsmiths dating back 700 years. Arezzo has an even older history, going back to 700 BC. Combined, this golden triangle is world renowned for the skills it offers.

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photos: UnoAerre factory, Oro Arezzo Gold fair in Arezzo Italy


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